Indonesia Returns to the 7.7 SR Large Earthquake Rise Occurred in Donggala, potentially Tsunami

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Indonesia Returns to the 7.7 SR Large Earthquake Rise Occurred in Donggala, potentially Tsunami. DONGGALA-Indonesia – Starting from noon, Friday (28/9) many large earthquakes with shallow depths shook Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi – Indonesia.

The latest news, at 17.02 WIB or 18.02 WITA, the biggest aftershock detected with a magnitude of 7.7 SR shook Donggala. The depth of the earthquake is at a shallow point, 10 km from the surface. The epicenter of the earthquake was on land, 27 km northeast of Donggala Regency.

Launching the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), the 7.7 SR earthquake was declared a potential tsunami. Tsunami Early Warning System BMKG released an early warning that the potential for tsunamis occurred in the Western Donggala region, Northern Donggala, North Mamuju and West Palu City.

“The wave time arrived can be different. The first wave could not be the biggest, “BMKG wrote in its official report received by ACTNews.

Friday (28/9) evening the Head of the BNPB Data and Information Center, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said the earthquake was felt very hard by the people of Donggala, Mamuju and Palu.

“We got reports of several buildings collapsing, but we have not received data on the details. Some buildings whose construction does not withstand earthquakes can be ascertained to have collapsed after the 7.7 SR earthquake, “he said

Sutopo also confirmed that the intensity of the Donggala earthquake reached 6 MMI scales. “Based on our experience, buildings in Indonesia if hit by a 6-scale MMI shock can be expected to cause extensive building damage, 6 MMI scale earthquake intensity is similar to what happened in Lombok,” said Sutopo.

For now, aftershocks are confirmed to continue. Until this report was uploaded, the post-7.7 SR aftershock occurred east of the Donggala Sea (6.1 SR) and Southeast of Palu (5.9 SR).

“It is suggested that citizens not be in the house for the next few hours. Because aftershocks will still occur in a row, “concluded Sutopo.

The latest report received by ACTNews from BPBD Donggala, the earthquake has caused 1 person to die, 10 people were injured and dozens of houses were damaged. The victim died and was injured by a collapsed house

Head of the Lampung ACT Branch, Yungki Pramono, is still coordinating with volunteers who are in the earthquake location to get the latest Donggala earthquake update.

“We take our condolences to the earthquake that hit Donggala, after moving to relieve the brothers in Lombok, God willing, we are ready to move for the brothers in Donggala,” he concluded.



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