Destination Resort in Raja Ampat Indonesia, Very Right to Vacation With Couples – Located at the end of Indonesia, Papua is known as a very attractive location with its tourism, Raja Ampat. In this area, many resorts are directly facing the blue sea. Waking up can directly pour into the sea. Papua also has amazingly beautiful underwater scenery. To enjoy the beautiful scenery of eastern Indonesia, you can stay here.

If you are in Raja Ampat, it’s a pity not to be close to water. Hamueco Resort is designed with a floating model. The location is in West Papua and is perfect for moldy in the morning before starting the adventure.

The lodges are made of wood which strengthens the natural atmosphere. To spend the night at Hamueco Resort, you have to prepare a fee starting from 100 dollars. The rooms are very comfortable with sea views that can be enjoyed from the window.

This location is very suitable for honeymoon for couples who love nature. In addition to diving, sunbathing by relaxing on the resort terrace while chatting with him. The sound of sea water will be your backsound.

This long vacation will make us have a lot of time to try activities one by one that can be done. Besides sunbathing, you can also play canoeing on the resort yard. Playing water doesn’t always have to be wet!

The one that hits this place of stay is a swing in front of it. Beautiful spot for cool selfies with your partner. Prepare a mainstay bikini and also a cool pose, huh. Get ready to make your friends drool.

Not having to be with a partner, traveling alone is no less exciting. To be sure, you will be more free to want anything and avoid ‘drama’. Sitting sweetly while enjoying the blue sea of Raja Ampat has been very calming.

What must be done is to enjoy a super beautiful sunset. Traveling with your favorite friends can be an interesting choice. While again being together from the office, the right time to get back close.

If you stay for a long time, you can beach hoping to Saleo Beach. Morning jogging or walking along the beach waiting for sunrise is also exciting. Do anything to please the heart before returning to the pile of work.

Don’t miss tasting various typical Papuan dishes as your culinary cruise. Try papeda made from chewy sago which is a regional specialty. This name is already familiar because it is often covered. However, it is definitely more value by tasting it in its place of origin.

Another unique food is Sago Caterpillar Satay. It takes a lot of courage to dare to try this savory and high-motivated snack. This fat yellow caterpillar can be eaten raw, can also be burned like satay.



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