Nyang-Nyang Beach That is Decorated With Ship Ruins, Secret Tours in Bali

Interesting Things From Nyang-Nyang Beach Bali – Beaches in Bali are already well known throughout Indonesia. So many stretches of white sand and beautiful waters are ready to spoil tourists. Unfortunately, some beach spots in Bali have become increasingly difficult to enjoy because they are already crowded with tourists.

But no need to worry, Island of Paradise still has a number of “secret” locations that are unknown to many people and certainly empty of visitors. One of them is Nyang-Nyang Beach. His name may still be unfamiliar, but its exoticism and beauty need not be questioned.

Traveling to Nyang-Nyang Beach

1. Not Much Known
Naturally, many people have never heard of Nyang-Nyang Beach before. Even up to two years ago, a number of tour guides in Bali were not yet too familiar with this beach. Nyang-Nyang is located in Pecatu Village south of Kuta, Badung. It is likely that many tourists choose to come to another beach because the road to this location includes less friendly vehicles. There are lots of gravel and sharp rocks.

But make no mistake, Nyang-Nyang Beach is the only Indonesian beach in the 2018 World Best Beach nomination by CNN Travel International. This hidden spot in Bali must compete with a number of famous beaches such as Railay in Thailand, Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique, and St Sebastian in Spain.

2. Must Walk
Nyang-Nyang Beach is still not managed seriously by the Government of Bali and the surrounding community. This makes visitors forced to walk to the beach. But that is precisely where it is interesting, especially for those who like trekking.

Once in the last area that can be reached by car, a traveler must walk about 30 minutes down the hill. But there is no need to worry because there will be some interesting surprises awaiting during the trip.

3. Offer Unique Experiences and Sights
Before starting down the hill, a traveler will be presented with a view of the beach that is so incredible from a height. The color of the sea water looks so stunning, especially when the weather is sunny. Do not remove the sight from both sides of the path while walking. Who knows, you will be greeted by local monkeys who are still wandering around here. Arriving at the bottom of the hill, don’t be surprised if you see a few cows that are grazing.

4. Decorated by Ship Wrecks
Because the atmosphere is still relatively quiet, Nyang-Nyang Beach will certainly offer a different atmosphere than other mainstream beaches in Bali. Relaxing enjoying the scenery or swimming here will present a sensation like no other as if having a private beach.

But the most difficult view to escape is the existence of two remnants of shipwrecks on the coast. Nobody knows for sure who the owner is and what happened before, but what is clear is that the existence of the ship’s ruins has made Nyang-Nyang Beach feel unique. The ship’s ruins on Nyang-Nyang Beach were well documented by a foreign tourist named Jackson Groves, who had visited this location in 2016.

5. How to get there
As mentioned before, Nyang-Nyang Beach is in Pecatu Village. To be able to reach this place, just drive about 40 minutes from Kuta over the toll road. As soon as you approach the location, there will be a small signboard that says Nyang-Nyang Beach. From there, the journey will continue through a small road full of stones and gravel. Rice fields and a collection of cows will be a sight ready to welcome you.

6. Alternative Padang-Padang
Nyang-Nyang Beach can be used as an alternative to Padang-Padang Beach. Both are located in the Pecatu area and offer the same beautiful scenery. Padang-Padang and Nyang-Nyang are only separated by a distance of about 6.8 kilometers. It can be taken approximately 13 minutes by car. It’s perfect if you crave a virgin beach that is still lacking visitors.

That’s just a few interesting things that can be obtained at Nyang-Nyang Beach, one of the ‘secret’ spots on the island of Bali. How challenged to visit him in the near future?



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